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Suffragette Banner

31st October 2017

In collaboration with fellow Leicester Print Workshop member, Sarah Kirby, I have printed, sewed and assembled a large banner celebrating the Leicester suffragette Alice Hawkins.  The banner...
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Sala Beckett Paper Theatre

24th September 2017

The architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats commissioned me to make a paper theatre model to celebrate the conclusion of their project to transform a building in Barcelona into the Sala Beckett...
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harbouring doubt

28th February 2017

My harbouring doubt book has been in gestation for a while. I was finally galvanised into action by Leicester Print Workshop member Peter Rapp taking a table at BABE (Bristol’s Artist Book...
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Something Underfoot.

6th November 2014

After being away from the Leicester Print Workshop for most of the summer September was an intense period of work. I was in the workshop on all three of the open access days, planning, cutting and...
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Starting over again.

9th May 2014

2014 started badly. Returning to Leicester Print Workshop after the Christmas break I discovered the Boschabets I had been working on before the festive season were failures. A single mis-alignment...
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Dressing up as Edith Sitwell

18th December 2013

In the New Year I will parcel up and post off my eleventh, and final, year’s worth of scrapbook diaries to my website designer. I started keeping these diaries in 2002. Initially I used a...
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My Boschabet

1st October 2013

It’s been a busy summer. Alongside the job in Copenhagen I have been printing the letters, O.T & V of an animal Boschabet. This autumn’s big exhibition at Compton Verney Art...
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Danish Pastries

23rd September 2013

This summer I’ve had the joy of a job in the city of Copenhagen. My architect friends Ricardo Flores & Eva Prats from Barcelona had been given the opportunity to do an exhibition about...
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The story of the cat book continues.

22nd January 2013

The limited edition, hand-printed ‘Night School for Cats’ is completed. In fact Serena Smith and I finished off all the printing, including the cover, back on the 5th November. So much...
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Printing the cat book

29th October 2012

The printing of the Cat book is going surprisingly well, but maybe I will jinx it by saying so. So far three stone have been printed, that’s 12 pages of the 16. Its difficult to explain the...
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Awarding Medals

5th July 2012

I have been away from my news desk playing. First making and then awarding medals to my children and a nephew for finishing their degrees and an art foundation course. I have had a lot of fun...
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A secret commission.

28th March 2012

    Just before Christmas I got a call from the father of my best friend from primary school. He wanted to commission a special, but very secret, 'thing' to celebrate his 50th wedding...
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Lithographic apprenticeship and other meandering

15th February 2012

These images are of the poster that was produced to celebrate 25 years of Leicester Print Workshop. The poster was my set piece for the lithography apprenticeship. I printed 150 almost...
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Emerging from Winter.

8th April 2011

Sorry, any of you who have looked at my News page over the last few months will have discovered that I am not very good at posting. I have finally emerged after the long dark winter into the bright...
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Lithography apprenticeship starts.

7th October 2010

My lithography apprenticeship at Leicester Print Workshop began at the start of September. I was set going on a large stone, approximately 50 cm by 37 cm. On this I have marked out 15 rectangles,...
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20th September 2010

I've just finished a series of lithographs called 'Self-Portrait', though it is a portrait in which I am represented by a collection of objects. It is the result of a rather ambitious seven...
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11th August 2010

I am still failing to get back to the paintings despite re-newed enthusiasm for idea after Venice. I have yet again been spending time printing. Various print submissions are coming up so I am...
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Reduction lino prints.

3rd August 2010

It was very exciting uploading my recent reduction lino prints onto the website yesterday. I am really enjoying working on this series of sport related prints. Working in Lino is a doddle in contrast...
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Venice, brief,

13th July 2010

Just back from Venice first time. Staggering. Was expecting to be disappointed but was bowled over. Got bad case of museum leg due to so much good stuff to look at, very inspirational. Would put a...
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Working on Relics

17th June 2010

I am working on new paintings using rudimentary skills learnt on an introductory gilding course that I attended at Lincoln University six years ago. Returning to these basic skills is rather...
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