I call the pieces of writing found here my random ramblings. There is no general theme or a coherence of subject matter, not even consistency of voice. I am known for mumbling. I have a dis-clariture of thoughts, both spoken and written. Thoughts, disjunctures, sub-clauses, tangents and mis-comprehensions compete and clamor for attention and make writing strangely painful. I find it hard to grasp any clarity in a thread or arguments so that the reader can understand what exactly I am trying to say. Dyslexia and a general muddled train of thought make it hard for me to write. I fear my written word and the mistakes I can make. However sometimes there is no better way to express an idea, think something though or mark the completion of a project. Writing can also bring me great satisfaction and the wrestling I have made with words can ultimately bring resolution to an idea.

Published Article Topic
23/10/2012 Why Lithography
16/10/2015 Badges of Honour, or weapons of compromise
12/12/2017 Harbouring Doubt
02/03/2018 Making Notes